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01 June ,2021

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From the Editor

2021 started under the shadow of Covid-19.  The Hong Kong society has also slowly adapted to this ”new norm”.  Continuing with the development in 2020, Savantas Policy Institute (“SPI”) and Savantas Liberal Arts Academy (“SLAA”) have adhered to their missions and visions since establishment, forging ahead based on the original spirit.

In the first half of this year, SPI has been planning two research items in collaboration with two local universities respectively.  Details will be announced upon implementation. On the other hand, SLAA has organized a series of online/offline seminars and courses.  Details are published in  “Event Highlight” below.

It has been almost  15 years since SPI was  established on 15 July 2006.  To commemorate SPI’s 15th Anniversary, the websites of both SPI ( and SLAA  (  have undergone major overhaul and the revamped websites will be released in July 2021.  Apart from enhanced security, there will be improvements in user experience.   Moreover, SPI  is preparing a commemorative publication on its 15th anniversary with reviews on the past and outlooks on the future.

Alex Wong

Policy Director

Savantas Policy Institute

Cross-strait Relations under the Biden Administration

On 24 February 2021, SLAA organized a webinar on “Cross-strait Relations under the Biden Administration”. Renowned media host and Vice Chairman of Hong Kong Federation of Journalists Mr. Yat-Ming Kwok was the guest speaker. The new situation affecting US-China relations after Biden assumed US presidency was discussed at the webinar. There were also insightful analysis and in-depth discussions on cross-strait relations.  Mr. Alex Wong, Policy Director of SPI, moderated the webinar online in the mainland. SPI Development Advisor Mr. Terence Tong was the moderator on site in Hong Kong. This arrangement fully exemplified information exchange and collaboration in the Greater Bay Area.

“14th 5-year Plan” and 2035 Long-term Vision

On 29 March and 13 April 2021 respectively, SLAA organized two online/offline webinars on our nation’s “14th 5-year Plan” and 2035 long-term vision.  Mr. Alex Wong, Policy Director of SPI was the speaker for the first webinar.  He spoke from the mainland covering the general contents of the 5-year plan and long-term vision.  Mr. Terence Tong, Development Advisor of SPI, followed up with the second webinar in Hong Kong exploring the developmental prospects of Hong Kong youth under the 5-year plan and long-term vision.  The two webinars attracted several dozens of online and offline participants who enthusiastically asked many questions and made constructive suggestions.

New Technology for Early Detection of Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma and its Industrialization in the Greater Bay Area (GBA)

On 7 May 2021, SLAA invited Mr. Tony Yung, Chief Executive Officer of Take2Health to deliver a talk at a webinar on “New Technology for detection of Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma and its Industrialization in the GBA. The webinar was held online and offline at the same time.  Mr. Yung introduced how early stage of Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma could be detected using Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) technology and its industrialization in the GBA. The webinar received enthusiastic response.  Apart from acquiring new knowledge, participants raised questions and expressed opinions on industrialization of the technology in the GBA.

SLAA Public Policy Study Programme Summer 2021

From the last week of May 2021, SLAA offered the “Public Policy Study Programme Summer 2021” on Saturday afternoon for 12 consecutive weeks.

The first talk, held on 29 May 2021 on “Electoral Reform and Implications for Hong Kong’s Constitutional Development”, was delivered by SLAA Principal, former Secretary for Security, Executive Council Member, Legislative Councillor, Chair of  New Peoples’ Party Mrs. Regina Ip.  The second talk was given by Mr. Lai Tung- kwok, former Secretary for Security, National Political Consultative Committee Member, Executive Vice Chair of New Peoples’ Party.  The talk was on “HKSAR’s National Security Law – Past, Present and Future”.  On 12 June 2021, former Secretary for Food and Health Dr. Ko Wing-man, gave the third talk, which was on “Hong Kong’s Medical and Health System – Strengths and Challenges”. The fourth talk, given by former Director of Planning, Professor Ling Kar-kan, held on 19 June 2021, was on “Hong Kong’s City Planning and Development”.  The fifth talk, on “Hong Kong’s Land Policy”, was delivered by former Director of Lands Mr. Patrick Lau Lai-chiu on 26 June 2021.  All were distinguished speakers and we look forward to the upcoming seven talks.

Briefing on “Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government Structure and Civil Service Culture”

On 9 June 2021, Mr. Alex Wong, Policy Director of Savantas Policy Institute, was invited by the Federation of Hong Kong Hubei Association to deliver a talk on “Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government Structure and Civil Service Culture”.  The event consisted of online webinar and onsite participation.  Youths from Hubei, Hunan, Jiangxi etc. who were interested in civil service jobs took part in the briefing and discussions.

To enable participants to have a better understanding of the structure of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government and civil service culture, Mr. Wong gave an overall account of the structure of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region government, including its organization, development, and civil service system.  In addition, based on his experience as a civil servant, Mr. Wong explained the working culture of Hong Kong civil servants and their requisite qualities.  He contrasted the public and private sectors and encouraged young people to maintain a positive attitude in applying for civil service positions.  He suggested that they equip themselves with language skills, and pick the job position according to their talents and interests.  Finally, Mr. Wong interacted with the audience and answered questions from onsite and online participants in anticipation that those who wish to serve the Hong Kong public would keep up their novel ideals.

Briefing on “Development Opportunities for Hong Kong Youth in the Greater Bay Area (GBA)"

Invited by The Federation of Hong Kong and Kowloon Labour Unions, SPI Policy Director Mr. Alex Wong addressed a briefing on 21 June 2021 on the theme of “Development Opportunities for Hong Kong Youth in the GBA”.  The briefing was held in the form of “small class lecture”.  It is worth mentioning that among the participanting tertiary students, two of them were non-Chinese speakers, including a British citizen of Indian ethnicity and a Kazakhstani.  Hong Kong youths of different races and enthnicity were able to understand the opportunities available to them in the GBA in terms of studies, employment and business creation.

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