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Mrs. Regina Ip Chairperson of Board of Governors

  • B.A. (First Class Honors), University of Hong Kong
  • Master of Letters, University of Glasgow
  • M. Sc. (Management), Stanford University
  • M. A. (East Asian Studies), Stanford University


She graduated from the English Department of the University of Hong Kong in 1972 with a first class honorary degree. She is thirsty for knowledge and has taken three master's degree courses at different stages of her life: the University of Glasgow's master of Arts (majoring in Renaissance poetry), Stanford University's master of management in Sloan and, more recently, Stanford University's master of Arts in East Asian studies. She joined the Hong Kong Government in 1975, was promoted to Secretary for security and resigned in 2003. After returning from her studies in the United States, she set up the Huixian think tank Policy Research Center in July 2006. She was elected to the fourth term of the Legislative Council in September 2008 and was re elected in 2012. In the same year, she was appointed as a non official member of the Executive Council. In December 2010, Mrs. Ye founded the "New Democratic Party" and was elected chairman of the party. At present, she spends her time serving the guild and the Legislative Council, managing the "New Democratic Party" and "Huixian think tank", conducting policy analysis, writing columns and participating in various kinds of free public services.

About me

A good girl who loves literature

My father is an overseas Chinese from Singapore. He is from Nanhai, Foshan, Guangdong Province. I learned from my father that after his great grandfather made a fortune in Xingzhou, he went back to Tangshan to build his ancestral home and contact the villagers. When I was a child, my father often traveled to Singapore and Hong Kong. Unfortunately, later, business was difficult and my family was gradually poor.

My mother attached great importance to education. Even though our family was in trouble, she still insisted on sending me to St Stephen's school. Since I was four years old, I have been studying in a missionary school. I have more opportunities to contact with English and English literature. I am not proficient in Chinese and humanities. Later, I was admitted to the Department of English literature of the University of Hong Kong and graduated with first-class honors.

My father died before I graduated from university. As the eldest daughter, I have been responsible for supporting my family since then. Soon after graduation, it may have something to do with my love of learning. I became a teacher in new law college, teaching English and English literature. Today, decades later, I still like teaching very much. I will give lectures to middle school students at Huixian think tank academy, which I founded in 2009. I can not only regain my old interest, but also have the opportunity to talk with young people and listen to their ideas.

In 1973, with a little savings, I went to the University of Glasgow, Scotland, to complete my master's degree in English literature in a difficult environment. Although I had more contact with fanshu in school, I was very interested in Chinese Literature (special dramas) since I was a child under the influence of my mother. Now, despite the heavy workload of the Legislative Council and the political parties, I still enjoy Beijing Opera and other local operas in my spare time. In my spare time, I also like to read classics, history, songs, collections and other literary classics.

Public servants in bronze

In 1975, I was employed as an administrative officer. I started from a low position and worked in many government departments.

When I worked in the commerce and Industry Branch, trade department and Industry Department, I negotiated with many countries, the European community, the World Trade Organization and the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation to remove trade barriers for local industries and promote technological innovation and industrial development. In 1996, he served as director of immigration, and then as secretary of security. I went out to promote the SAR passport, striving for visa free access to the European Union and laying the foundation for visa free access to many countries. In addition, I have also dealt with a number of thorny issues, including the right of abode in Hong Kong, the Public Security Ordinance, the kidnapping of Zhang Ziqiang, and so on.

Over the past 30 years, I have not only witnessed such historical milestones as the democratization of the region, the return of sovereignty, the launch of the new airport and the early development of Hong Kong as China's first Special Administrative Region, but also dealt with many controversial tasks, which greatly improved my political ability.

Take the road of democracy and regain public trust

In 2006, I returned to Hong Kong to set up Huixian think tank. In 2009, I founded Huixian think tank Academy. So far, more than 1000 students have been enrolled. In 2011, I founded the New Democratic Party to actively promote the development of democracy in Hong Kong.

In 2007, I participated in the Hong Kong Island by election of the Legislative Council. Although I was defeated by Mrs Anson Chan, I was fortunate to have the support of more than 137000 voters and won nearly 43% of the votes. In 2008, I continued my efforts to run for the election. Our team received more than 61000 votes, which is the fourth highest list of votes in Hong Kong.

After entering the Legislative Council, I attended nine panels and focused on various policy areas. I am concerned about the middle class issues (including moving to abolish the foreign Commission tax and suspend the government's implementation); assisting Lehman's debt addicts to put forward financial reform proposals; advocating the promotion of science and technology development and the improvement of education; opposing the lowering of the forced auction threshold; explaining the right of abode issue to all parties and proposing solutions After several years of hard work, I have been recognized by the public. I have been ranked as the most popular member in the public opinion polls for many times, which has greatly encouraged me.

I believe we hope to build Hong Kong together

In recent years, the community has often discussed what is the core value of Hong Kong. Hong Kong has absorbed many advantages of western culture, such as a sound legal system, freedom and human rights, and scientific management. At the same time, we also maintain the fine traditions of Chinese, such as attaching importance to family and education, and persisting in the spirit of striving and believing that hard work always pays off. These are the key elements of Hong Kong's success.

I have experienced the decline of my family, and I have come to this day step by step by working hard and studying hard. Like many people in Hong Kong, I believe that the way of heaven rewards diligence. Three overseas studies have convinced me of the power of education and knowledge. I hope that the new generation will also have the opportunity to give full play to their strengths, so that these beliefs can continue and be passed on from generation to generation. In the past few years after returning to Hong Kong, I have provided employment opportunities for more than 30 young people and encouraged many young people to participate in politics. This is one of my proudest achievements.

Earlier, colleagues from the New Democratic Party and Huixian think tank held a small birthday party for me in the office. They asked me to make a wish. I said that on the road of struggle, thanks to my friends' support, I am very grateful and have no other wish. In the future, I will only continue to work hard to serve the people in different posts and contribute to Hong Kong.

All along, we believe in hope and create miracles; in the future, let's continue to build hope and open up a better future!

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