Evening Seminar – Smart Cities for Smart Living - By Professor Kincho H. Law and Dr. Martha G. Russell

11 December ,2015

Development of smart cities has become one of the top priorities for governments around the world. Savantas Policy Institute held an evening seminar entitled “Smart Cities for Smart Living” today (December 11). The speakers were Professor Kincho H. Law, Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering, and Dr. Martha G. Russell, Executive Director of mediaX, from the Stanford University.

Dr. Martha G. Russell, Executive Director of mediaX, from the Stanford University said “We stand on thethreshold of abundance. Higher productivity is possible. Better quality of life is possible. The technological advances in sensors, connectivity and data now provide a perfect storm of change - for smart cities, smart workplaces, smart education, and smart communities. In this perfect storm, relationships, trust and vision are essential for innovation leadership. Shared vision allows people operating independently to arrive together at the same future. Massive data permits continuous feedback for high quality decisions. In order to move forward, we must be both the architects and the engines of change.” She added, “The question before us is: Are we moving forward – and, are we doing so fast enough?”

Professor Kincho H. Law, Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering, from the Stanford University said “Advances in information systems, sensing devices, communication networks, mobile technologies have been and will continue transforming our societies. Technology is being used for personal and social reasons. We have seen a sea change in the use of technology in everyday life and people attitudes towards digital commerce and governance in many of the fast growing cities. Driven by technologies and potential economic benefits, civic leaders, technologists and companies are embracing and investing to build ‘Smart Cities’. The rapid deployment of new technology in many urban cities has changed the landscape on how people interact and communicate. A digitally connected world not only changes the business environment, contributing to the social disruptions of the economy, but also plays a big role in shaping communities and urban life.”

Brief Biography of Dr. Martha G. Russell

Dr Martha G. Russell is currently Executive Director, mediaX at Stanford University, and Senior Research Scholar, Human Sciences and Technology Advanced Research (H*STAR) Institute at Stanford University.

Dr Russell has established collaborative research initiatives in ICT and technology leadership - for national agencies and for technology companies. She pioneered some of the first US public-private partnerships in microelectronic and information sciences and also in manufacturing technologies. She has led interdisciplinary research programs at the University of Minnesota, The University of Texas at Austin and Stanford University. She has consulted internationally for technology-based regional development initiatives. Dr Russell has developed planning/evaluation systems and consulted regionally and internationally on technology innovation for regional development.

Dr Russell has a doctoral degree in Policy Analysis focused on Technology Transfer from the University of Minnesota, and a B.A. from the University of California at Santa Barbara. She serves on the advisory board of the Journal of Technology Forecasting and Social Change, The Journal of Enterprise Transformation and several startup companies.

Brief Biography of Professor Kincho H. Law

Professor Kincho H. Law is currently Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Stanford University. He obtained his BS in Civil Engineering and BA in Mathematics from University of Hawaii in 1976, and his MS and PhD in Civil Engineering in 1979 and 1981, respectively, from Carnegie Mellon University. He served at Rensslaer Polytechnic Institute as an Assistant Professor from 1982 to 1988. Since 1998, he has been on the faculty at Stanford University. Prof. Law’s professional and research interests focus on the application of computational and information science in engineering. His research group is particularly interested in developing hardware and software infrastructure to facilitate monitoring, control and management of large scale physical infrastructures and engineering systems.


Prof Kincho Law's presentation file:


Secretary for Innovation and Technology Mr. Nicholas Yang Wei-hsiung, Dr. Martha Russell, Professor Kincho Law, Director of Community Development of Savantas Policy Institute Mr. David Wong, and representatives of co-organizers Ms. Yvonne Wong, Dr. Gregg Li, and Mr. Stephen Lau.

Mr. David Wong and Professor Kincho Law.

Mr. David Wong and Dr. Martha Russell.

Professor Kincho Law.

Dr. Martha Russell.

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